Bad BunBun

Once upon a time in a blockchain far away lived a warren of the cutest, plumpest, most huggable bunnies you had ever had the chance to cuddle. This place was called Buntopia, and it was perfect. All the bunnies ever did was make Easter eggs, eat chocolate, twitch their adorable little noses and hop on their cute little hoppity legs.

But one day, one of the bunnies, BunBun, decided to travel to another warren Wonderland where he met with his cousin the March Hare.

His cousin served him the most delicious High Tea he had ever eaten. There were cakes and scones aplenty of course, but what stood out; what BunBun enjoyed the most was Boost. He had never eaten anything so delicious and tasty. Boost was so full of fat and so high in sugar that all it did was make BunBun want even more. The next day when it was time to leave, BunBun asked if he could take Boost back to Buntopia.

‘Of course,’ replied the March Hare, ‘but you must be careful,’ he warned. ‘Never ever eat Boost on the 31st of October.’

BunBun took Boost back to his warren and shared it with his family and friends. Boost quickly became the most popular food in town: Everywhere you went, you could order Boost milkshakes, Boost Chocolate, Boost cakes.

Time flies when you’re having a blast, and summer slid away. It was sooner than you could think, when the month of October had arrived. The problem was BunBun had forgotten his cousin’s warning, so nobunny knew they shouldn’t eat Boost on the 31st of October.

Instead, there was a massive Halloween party, and all the bunnies gave Boosts as treats because there was no such thing as tricks in Buntopia.

But the next day, when the bunnies woke up, there was something different about them. They did not want to make Easter eggs and hop about or twitch their cute little noses.

Instead of being delightful and pleasant, the bunnies became mean; in fact, one bunny, Bumble, took baby kittens and then turned them into velveteen mittens. Another served mini-dachshunds on a stick because he said they were easier to lick.

This is because Boost had not turned good bunnies bad, but rather it had freed bad bunnies from good. Buntopia bunnies, truth be told, had rather dark and chaotic souls, which had until now been kept under control with previous Saccharine protocol.